LED Protect shelters the plant from the negative effects of stress. The use of LED Protect is especially beneficial when using LED lights for the cultivation of plants. It reduces the negative effects of low temperatures, UV radiation, and fungi on the plant.


LED Protect

  • Bio-available minerals

    LED Protect contains all natural minerals in bio-available form. These minerals exist as fulvic acid molecules in the solution.

  • Ultimate starting situation

    Any mineral that the plant needs is available in the growing medium when using LED Protect. The minerals are nutrients for the plant but also act as co-enzymes, thereby activating the ecosystem.

  • Improved plant growth

    The plant is able to grow without nutrient deficiencies and the associated stress. This ultimately results in healthier plants, increased shelf life, superior taste and bigger yields.

  • Ortho salicylic acid

    The salicylic acid in LED Protect is stabilized for easy use and perfect absorption by the plant.

  • Resistance & photosynthesis

    Salicylic acid acts as an inducer of the resistance of plants. Salicylic acid decreases the negative effects of stress. Furthermore, it increases chlorophyl and vitamin C levels in the plant, thereby increasing the plant's capacity for photosynthesis and improving the effectivity of this essential process.

  • Healthier & more bio-mass

    The plant is protected against threats that would normally harm the plant. This enables the plant to grow undisturbed. Because of the enhanced photosynthetic processes, the plant will accumulate bio-mass faster, resulting in bigger and heavier plants and flowers.

  • Growing with LED lights

    Using LED lights for the cultivation of crops is becoming increasingly interesting for growers, because of decreasing costs and advancing technologies.

  • Problems that may occur

    Using LED lights for growing may give rise to problems such as: coldness (LED lights produce less heat than conventional lamps), UV radiation (UV LEDs are often used in light systems for crop cultivation) and high relative humidity (which improves the living conditions for fungi).

  • Why LED Protect?

    LED Protect ensures that the living environment of the plant helps it to overcome the negative effects of stress. The salicylic acid in LED Protect decreases the effects of for instance coldness and fungal attacks. The hormones and minerals in LED Protect increase the production of anthocyanins or betalains by the plant, which protect it from UV radiation.

More information

  • What is LED Protect?

    LED Protect consists of a solution containing every natural element that is available on planet Earth and a stabilized form of salicylic acid. These ingredients exist in bio-available form and are 100% directly absorbable by plants. Together these components give the plant all it needs to grow undisturbed and without stress.

  • Fulvic acids

    As explained in the section above, the minerals in LED Protect exist in the form of fully absorbable fulvic acid molecules. These tiny but complex molecules guarantee that plants that are fed LED Protect absorb all the minerals that they need. Furthermore, the combined use of the fulvic acid in LED Protect with other nutrients makes sure that these nutrients are absorbed by plants more easily and effectively.

  • Co-enzymes & chemical reactions

    The minerals in the product furthermore act as co-enzymes, which ensure that the enzymes in the ecosystem are activated. Enzymes in the ecosystem have a catalysing function, in the sense that they initiate chemical processes in the soil. The enzymes help break up molecules and thereby they accelerate metabolic processes. They increase the rate of (chemical) reaction by lowering the activation energy for certain molecules. This can speed up the chemical process up to many millions times.

  • Salicylic acid and plant response

    The stabilized salicylic acid in LED Protect increases the resistance of the plant against both abiotic (e.g. extreme heat and cold) and biotic (e.g. spider mites and fungi) threats. This is mainly done through the systemic acquired resistance (SAR), which induces the highest state of readiness in plants.

    Normally when a plant is attacked by a pathogen, it produces salicylic acid in order to warn the whole plant of the danger. The result is a highly active plant with enhanced functions, such as: improved photosynthesis, thicker cell walls, more effective ion uptake and increased vitamin C production.

  • Vitamin C and photosynthesis

    With the extra application of salicylic acid to plants the photosynthetic process is influenced positively. First of all the plant?s chlorophyll production is increased significantly, thereby increasing the plant?s capacity for photosynthesis. Also, the production of vitamin C in a plant correlates positively with the presence of salicylic acid.

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which directly and indirectly protects the plant against the harmful side-effects of light during photosynthesis. Vitamin C also plays a key role in helping the plant deal with stress from drought, extreme temperatures and UV radiation. The stress of the latter is decreased by the production of anthocyanins or betalains in the plant.

  • Signals for flowering

    Salicylic acid helps plants to react on a change in seasons. It regulates the production of flowering hormones that make sure the plant starts producing flowers at the right time. For annual plants this is extremely important, since these types of plants only have one chance to start their reproduction phase.

  • Application

    Use LED Protect with every water gift for optimal plant health. Plants need varying amounts of LED Protect throughout their growth cycles. In general, LED Protect is used extensively in the beginning of the cycle, in order to buffer the advantageous properties of the product. In the table below the amounts of LED Protect that should be given to plants is presented. Note that a grower should use these quantities for every 10 litres of feeding water.

    Vegetative phase

    Flowering phase

    Foliar application

    25 ml

    6 ml

    Soil application

    20 ml

    8 ml


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